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By James Oswald

The DevilDog (and that second capital ‘D’ is very important) website is in many ways nothing more than an enormous ego trip for me. It exists entirely as a showcase for my writing; it never having occurred to me to try submitting my short stories to magazines.

DevilDog Publishing came into existence back in 1997, with the very short run publication of a travelogue entitled Pedalling Uphill Slowly. With the help of Stuart MacBride, who did the design work and had access to a duplex A3 laser printer, I produced five hard-bound copies. Due to overwhelming demand, a second run of seven copies was printed. These twelve books are priceless collectors items today, which is to say they are worth nothing at all.

The original DevilDog website grew out of this foray into self-publication. I had always intended to produce a paperback version and sell it properly, but funds never quite stretched far enough to get the project off the ground. Instead I bought the domain name and used my fledgling skills in HTML to build a site where my other stories could be shown off to the world. I would have liked, but at the time it was already owned by a New-York based lesbian tattoo artist with a strange thing about dreams and anal sex. It now seems to be a portal for the US Marine division known as the Devil Dogs.

Over the years I’ve used the site to hone my web-development skills, most recently rewriting the whole thing with CSS instead of tables, which doesn’t work in Opera and so will need doing again. Since I’m not doing much web development work right now, it’s been put on the back burner. It gets about five hits a week, though it did manage to convince a Hollywood director that I was a serious publisher earlier this year.

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