Review by Sandra Ruttan

Lee and Maria Colson’s world seems perfect. A committed, loving couple with the son they’ve always wanted, until that fateful morning when Dylan Colson is abducted. Trying to save her son, Maria Colson is struck by the van the abductors are driving and left to die on the pavement.

That’s how EVERY FEAR begins, and it’s a non-stop thriller that explores every facet of the investigation from the perspective of journalist Jason Wade, Detective Grace Garner, the FBI, Lee Colson and Dylan’s abductors. The search for Dylan leaves no stone unturned as law enforcement officials dig into Lee Colson’s life and every single person who may have had contact with Dylan and Maria.

One of the best things about Mofina’s style is that I never even realized that this was a continuation of a series featuring crime reporter Jason Wade. Wade is sufficiently developed to stand on his own and the reader can follow this story without confusion because of missing information from previous books.

Another plus to Mofina’s approach is that he develops all the characters. The large cast approach to telling this story reminded me of Laura Lippman’s EVERY SECRET THING: in EVERY FEAR all the pieces play an important part in how the story will unfold and Mofina toys with your emotions. You can’t simply hate the bad guys because they are humanized through the character development in the story.

Because this is a large cast story told from multiple perspectives there were some point of view shifts in narration. In the hands of a lesser author this might not have worked, but Mofina got the information across in a way that kept me on track. With some truly unexpected twists thrown in to keep the reader guessing, this was a book that had my turning pages furiously to find out what happened next. An engaging read. I look forward to reading more from Mofina in the future.


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