By Sandra Ruttan

Would you die for the person you profess to love?

That’s the unnerving question at the heart of Steve Mosby’s third novel, The 50/50 Killer. This particular murderer is cold and calculated. He stalks his victims for a long time. He learns their secrets. Then, when he’s ready, he invades their world and makes one partner choose which one will live and which one will die.

The majority of the story is told in a tight time-frame, with a deadline looming. John Mercer’s team learn the 50/50 killer has returned after a two-year hiatus when a man escapes from his clutches, and they realize they have only a few hours to find the man’s girlfriend or she’ll be murdered. The case brings back bad memories for John, who suffered a breakdown after this same killer murdered one of the detectives that John worked with. Under pressure from all sides, loyalties within the team are stretched to the limit as they follow every lead to try to capture the killer that’s eluded them for so long before he can claim another life.

This is an absolutely spellbinding thriller. Part of you doesn’t want to turn the page to face the truth, but you have to know how it will unfold. Mosby expertly weaves the threads of the story to build the tension and just when you think you know how it will unfold he pulls the rug out from under your feet. It may seem early in the year to make predictions, but I doubt a more original work will cross my desk this year. A tour de force, Mosby is my pick as breakout author of 2007 and is now on my list of my annual ‘must-reads’.

For more information about Steve Mosby, read my interview with him here


Sandra Ruttan’s debut suspense novel, Suspicious Circumstances, was released in January, 2007. For more information about Sandra visit her website

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