by Wayne Sears

A Minneapolis salesman, John L. Rule, has completed his sales calls in the rural farmland of Western Minnesota and is looking for a large junkyard he has heard is in the area. He has been looking for the final piece to complete the restoration of an old truck in which he has spent many pleasurable hours. It's growing late, John wants to locate the junkyard, get the part he needs and get back home to his family. John finds the junkyard and combs through the very large area of derelict vehicles and junk. He finally locates the part, but that is not all he finds as he stumbles into a gang of ruthless killers. John has to struggle for his very life and with a major storm moving into the area John finds his time is running out.

The story takes John through a living hell on his terror filled journey to a satisfying ending. John looks at his hopes, his dreams, as he faces the ghosts of his past and is determined not to give into the hopelessness of the situation he finds himself.

You will experience John's fear as he races through everything that is being thrown his way.

The story is fast paced and speeds you a long. I enjoyed how Peter Rennebohm spins a tale that gets the reader caught up in the terror of the chase. I did find the story a bit predictable however as I followed the main character through the many pitfalls and challenges as he struggles to escape.

If your looking for a gripping novel that keeps you turning pages this is a good one. I look forward to reading Peter’s next offering.


Wayne Sears developed a love for reading in grade five and continues to have a ferocious appetite for literature. His favorite books are Mysteries, Suspense and Crime Novels.

Wayne was born in the prairie region of southern Alberta and in his early life enjoyed the outdoors with hunting and fishing. He still enjoys getting out in the countryside with his wife of twenty years, enjoying the scenery, but now shooting with a camera. Besides reading Wayne has taken up woodcarving and is enjoying take photographs of scenery and wildlife for subjects but his first love still is reading a good novel.

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