By K. Robert Einarson

Jack Palms is washed up: he was an actor with a future, but a drug problem and a publicized fight with his ex-wife has taken it all away. Now he lives in the shadow of what he once was--just trying to make ends meet--so when an old friend offers him a way to make some easy money entertaining some Eastern European drug dealers, he decides to go along. But when things go badly, Jack has to think fast to avoid losing his payoff and possibly his life. 
Jack Wakes Up is a nineteen-part audio book available free at and   
Seth Harwood has created a thrilling noir story that pulls the listener into the dark world of Jack Palms. Harwood’s characterization is solid and the plotting is tight. His style has a classic pulp feel to it with solid dialog that helps keep the story moving quickly and with just a touch of humor. 
I found myself drawn into the story in an organic way. Harwood's presentation takes the idea of an author reading and an audio book with a paid actor, combines them, and kicks it up a notch. He's not trying to understand the author’s intent, he is the author, and his honest enthusiasm for the 
work is obvious. The result of this is prose that is more electric, more engaging. Harwood has done an excellent job with the production of the podcast and the soundtrack. In short, Seth’s presentation enhances the experience and helps the illusion become more real as you sit back and listen. 
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys hard-boiled or noir novels. A PDF version of  Jack Wakes Up is available at, but I recommend checking out the podcast version as well. It’s well worth the listen.  
At time of publishing, the first five episodes of the sequel to Jack Wakes up, Jack Palms II: This is Life were available to download. I recommend once you have finished Jake Wakes Up to check it out.  

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