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PAY HERE by Charles Kelly

Review by K. Robert Einarson

Michael Callan is a reporter for a local Phoenix newspaper who enjoys exposing the darker side of Arizona. This interest has also put him in the sights of people who don’t want their secrets told. When a woman who had a reputation for being involved in questionable activities is killed in a car accident, a mysterious woman comes down for the funeral this starts a chain reaction that leads Callan on a path that might lead to his own death.

This first book by Charles Kelly is a well-written gem that introduces us to his engaging style and entertaining story telling. Kelly does an excellent job bringing his characters to life and making the reader interested in the outcome and how the characters will be affected by this outcome.

Kelly background as a journalist shows in both the story and the characters. His knowledge of Arizona and the atmosphere made the book much richer and the plot feels authentic and has a “ripped from the headlines” feel.

This book is the start of what I hope is a long career. I encourage anyone with a love for noir to check out Kelly’s work. It is well worth the effort.