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Summer 2008

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Letter from Sandra Ruttan

Short Stories

Amra Pajalic

The Game

The Old Man

The Vow

The Other Shoe

Patrick Shawn Bagley

Bank Job

John McFetridge


Russel D. McLean

Her Cheating Heart

Steve Mosby


Grant McKenzie

Out Of Order

Patricia Abbott



Damien Seaman

Love In Vain

Ugly Duckling

Steve Allan

Hump The Stump

Stumpy's Revenge

You and Me and Stumpy Makes Three

Stephen D. Rogers

Head Shot

Richard Cooper

Simmer Time

Sandra Seamans


Allan Guthrie


Brian Lindenmuth


Tony Black

London Calling

Brian McGilloway

Spoonfull of Sugar


Damien Seaman with Tony Black

Reviews by:

Sandra Ruttan

Savage Night

The Cold Spot

Brian Lindenmuth


The Crimes of Dr. Watson

Half the Blood of Brooklyn

Crimson Orgy

Mad Dogs

The Resurrectionist

Sharp Teeth


Black Man


Hip Flask: Concrete Jungle


At the City's Edge


Small Favor


Book Excerpts

Toros & Torsos
by Craig McDonald

Paying For It
by Tony Black

Dirty Sweeet
by John McFetridge


The Graveyard Shift: blog by Lee Ofland

The Game by Amra Pajalic

Five-year-old Amy knelt over the coffee table and drew squiggly circles on the lined notepad. Her younger brother Mark played with his monster truck, smashing it into the couch while making crashing noises.

Mum laughed as she talked to her friend Freda. The two women sat at opposite sides of the dining table, each holding a espresso cup with hot coffee in one hand, a cigarette clutched in the other.

Freda’s son Sam entered the living room and knelt beside Amy. “What are you doing?” he asked.


“Do you want to play a game?” he whispered, checking if their mothers were watching.

“What game?” Sam was 12-years-old and usually ignored her.

“It’s a secret. You have to come to my bedroom, but don’t let anyone see you.”

“Okay,” she said to Sam’s retreating back as he disappeared into the darkness of the hallway.

Amy pushed the notepad away from her. Freda and Mum were engrossed in their conversation and hadn’t seen Sam talking to her. Mark was still crashing his monster truck into the couch. He was going to be jealous when she told him about the secret game.

With a last look into the kitchen Amy stealthily left the living room. She reached Sam’s bedroom and knocked softly. He opened the door and pulled her in. The bedroom light was turned off. The street-light shone through the white blinds on the window outlining Sam’s bed and student desk.

“The way to play this game is you take off your pants, and I take off my pants, okay?” Sam said, his voice breaking on the last word. His zipper rasped as he pulled down the tab. He pushed his jeans down his legs.
She pushed her tracksuit pants down, leaving them twisted around her ankles.

“Now we take our undies off,” Sam instructed.

Sam pulled his undies down. She saw the outline of his lower body, the pale skinny legs stretching into the floor, the area between his legs shadowed. She frowned at this new game, she didn’t like showing her pipi, but the darkness made her feel secure in tugging her panties down.

A car entered the courtyard, the headlights shining through the blinds and throwing light into the room. For the few seconds the light shone on Sam. His long thin pipi stood straight as he tugged on it. The sound of his heavy breathing filled the room as the car engine faded away.

Sam moved closer and stood over Amy, his hands pressed against the wall on each side of her head. He bent his knees and rubbed his pipi between her legs, his breath blowing into her face. He pushed between her legs, making her lean harder against the wall.

Sam stopped pushing as footsteps sounded down the hallway “Quick, pull up your pants,” he whispered as he pulled his jeans up.

Amy clumsily pulled her tracksuit pants up as the door swung open. Light flooded the room as she released the tracksuit elastic around her waist.

“What are you doing in the dark?” Freda asked.

“Getting a board game,” Sam said.

“Play the game in the living room,” Freda commande.

Sam reached behind him and took a long box off the shelf.

Amy giggled when they returned to the living room. “We’ll play the game again when we visit next time,” she said.

He nodded and turned the cardboard box upside down, spilling plastic pieces onto the table. Mark sat beside them and mimicked Sam as he separated the different coloured plastic pieces.

As they moved the plastic figures on the square cardboard game, Amy could feel the pressure between her legs, as if Sam was still pressing his pipi against her. When no-one was watching she reached down and pressed her hand between her legs.

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