Table of Contents

Summer 2008

From The Editor

Letter from Sandra Ruttan

Short Stories

Amra Pajalic

The Game

The Old Man

The Vow

The Other Shoe

Patrick Shawn Bagley

Bank Job

John McFetridge


Russel D. McLean

Her Cheating Heart

Steve Mosby


Grant McKenzie

Out Of Order

Patricia Abbott



Damien Seaman

Love In Vain

Ugly Duckling

Steve Allan

Hump The Stump

Stumpy's Revenge

You and Me and Stumpy Makes Three

Stephen D. Rogers

Head Shot

Richard Cooper

Simmer Time

Sandra Seamans


Allan Guthrie


Brian Lindenmuth


Tony Black

London Calling

Brian McGilloway

Spoonfull of Sugar


Damien Seaman with Tony Black

Reviews by:

Sandra Ruttan

Savage Night

The Cold Spot

Brian Lindenmuth


The Crimes of Dr. Watson

Half the Blood of Brooklyn

Crimson Orgy

Mad Dogs

The Resurrectionist

Sharp Teeth


Black Man


Hip Flask: Concrete Jungle


At the City's Edge


Small Favor


Book Excerpts

Toros & Torsos
by Craig McDonald

Paying For It
by Tony Black

Dirty Sweeet
by John McFetridge


The Graveyard Shift: blog by Lee Ofland

Letter from the editor: Sandra Ruttan

It’s almost summer, and that means shorts. This issue of Spinetingler has more shorts than even the average woman needs to survive the heat.

Most of these stories have been out there before, courtesy of Tribe’s FLASHING IN THE GUTTERS. Readers will probably remember the Hump The Stump stories that inspired the cover for this issue, as well as the offerings from Patti Abbott, Amra Pajalic and Stephen D. Rogers. There are also new, original stories from Allan Guthrie, Steve Mosby, Tony Black, Brian Lindenmuth, Grant McKenzie, John McFetridge and more. Jam packed with goodies, this issue serves as a tribute to Tribe, whose contribution to the mystery community couldn’t be measured. No one, single site has been able to match what he did for short fiction, and we raise a glass of (appropriately) shrimp cocktail to him and thank him for all he did.

This issue also marks Spinetingler’s move to Mystery Bookspot, and I can’t think of a better issue to showcase the depth of talent the MBS team brings to this ezine. My thanks to Brian, for bringing me to the MBS team, to Damon for so readily adopting Spinetingler and financing it, and to Mark for the tremendous job with the layout of the new website and the design of this issue.

I hope you enjoy this collection of sometimes twisted, sometimes heart-wrenching but always entertaining short stories and flash fiction. It’s unlike anything else we’ve done before, which I hope proves there’s room for growth from even well-established ezines like this one.

Happy reading,

Sandra Ruttan