Table of Contents

Spring 2009

From The Editor

Letter from Jack Getze

Short Stories

Patrick Whittaker


Anthony Rainone

Fall to Pieces

Phil Beloin

Late, After Dinner

Jake Nantz

Midnight on the Links

Stephen D. Rogers

Queen Anne's Lace

Mike Sheeter

Blue Fugazzi

David Moss

The Sleepy Pines Nursing Home

Fiona Kay Crawford

Successful Surgeon

Graham Powell

The Ins and Outs

John Towler

The Fall

Damien Seaman

Thursday Night Blowout

Matthew Acheson

Writing on the Wall


Sandra Ruttan with Russel D. McLean

Declan Burke with Brian McGilloway

Jim Napier with Phyllis Smallman

Brian Lindenmuth with Craig McDonald

Reviews by:

P.A. Brown

Mexican Heat

Gloria Feit

Friend of the Devil

Theodore Feit

Death Was in the Picture

A Beautiful Place to Die

Night and Day

Claire McManus

The Hanged Man

The Poisoner of Ptah

My Sister, My Love

The Cruelest Month

Jim Winter

Trigger City

The Fourth Victim


Bookspot Review Roundup

Book Excerpt

The Big O
by Declan Burke

Featured Article

Passing of the Torch - Celebrated crime novelist dies
by Jim Napier

Letter from the Editor

SPINETINGLER takes a far-ranging look at the art of chilling backbones with this Spring 2009 double issue. Hard-boiled, noir, sci-fi, horror, and even satire, all reach out for your attention -- and your heart rate.

Murder for hire is a nasty, unhealthy job, but sometimes the quick money can make a guy forget. Anthony Rainone, New York Editor for
Crimespree Magazine, shows us the down and dirties of killing another human in FALL TO PIECES. Evocative and packed with tension, the wrap-up will leave you gasping.

The producer-protagonist of LATE, AFTER DINNER, by previous contributor Phil Beloin, should know better than to drink with a femme fatale. Too bad he can’t help himself. She’s pretty and sexy, plus she has the storyboard figured for a blockbuster movie.

Asked for the secret of his success on the hit TV show Dallas several decades ago, villain J.R. Ewing said, “Once you give up your integrity, the rest is a piece of cake.” In her story, SUCCESSFUL SURGEON, Fiona Kay Crawford explores what happens when this Wall Street attitude invades the medical profession.

WRITING ON THE WALL, by new voice Matthew T. Acheson, follows a troubled miner deep inside the earth. What he finds – a watermelon-shaped rock with strange powers -- takes the reader into a bizarre new world where nothing is what it seems.

In MIDNIGHT ON THE LINKS, his first published fiction, Jake Nantz shows us an out-of-touch husband playing a strange but enlightening game of golf. It becomes more than match play with the dearly departed when an errant drive takes the golfers deep into dark woods.

BLUE FUGAZZI, by Mike Sheeter, takes a Behind-the-camera look at a very special unit of the New York Police Department. Are the cops dressing up like hoods, or are the hoods dressing up like New York’s finest? A shotgun makes the final decision in this highly original crime tale.

In QUEEN ANNE’S LACE, author Stephen D. Rogers takes his time introducing readers to the strange world of Cigarette Boy. Good thing.
This kid’s life, mind, and problem-solving techniques are topics to be studied carefully before risking contact.

THE INS AND OUTS, by Graham Powell, features a fully equipped torture chamber in the back of a van, plus four bad guys determined to uncover big secrets. What’s in that basement? Who’s playing games on the internet? And where’s the guy we’re looking for? The answer is a surprise for everybody.

THE FALL, by John Towler, pits a spunky lass against two good old boys out for a little fun. While the props includes a deep hole, a cell phone, and a loaded gun, it’s the characters that push this story through its multiple twists. Watch out for that first step ... it’s a long one.

In 9:03, by Patrick Whittaker, trying to be neighborly throws an average Joe into the middle of a murder mystery, and subsequent events threaten his life. All will be revealed when the time is right. Just keep your eye on that grandfather clock.

No one wants to end up in a nursing home, but SLEEPY PINES may set a new standard for retirement fear. Author David Moss takes us into the lonely rooms where senior citizens wait for the inevitable end. Most of them anyway. Some have murder on their minds.

Frequent contributor Damien Seaman takes a new look at the eternal triangle in THURSDAY NIGHT BLOWOUT. When desperate men make quick plans to calm marital difficulties, you can count on mistakes being made. But these guys don’t get anything right. Hold on to that pint, lad.

-- Jack Getze

The Forever Girl is available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble