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SILENCE by Thomas Perry

Review by Deb Shaffer

A longtime fan of Perry, I looked forward to reading his latest offering. Overall I wasn’t disappointed.

After being brutally beaten, Wendy Harper hires Jack Till to help her disappear. Six years later her former boyfriend and business partner has been accused of her murder and his attorney has asked Till to find Harper.

Unfortunately for Till, a couple of assassins have also been hired. The couple is Paul and Sylvie Turner, professional and really quite unique. I started out really not caring for the Turners very much. Their interactions with one another annoyed me and I found myself just wanting the sections dealing with them to be over with so I could get back to the rest of the story. By the end of the book though, I was more interested in the Turners than the other characters in the book.

My only complaint with Silence is the seemingly obligatory romance between Till and Harper. I’ll confess to being a critic of that particular plotline in many books though, so it may just be me, although I would have found the book just as enjoyable without the love angle between the two.

From start to finish this is a book that keeps you interested-the Turners don’t give up, especially after others break the ‘rules’ the Turners have set up, Till keeps going to keep Wendy safe, and you just want to know why the prosecutor won’t give up. Most of all, you want to see the slimy bad guy get what’s coming to him.