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By BJ Bourg

Howdy, folks! The time is drawing near for the premier issue of Mouth Full of Bullets to hit the e-waves and we're extremely excited about what we have to offer. We plan to go live on September 7th with Issue No. 1. This first issue is filled with goodies for everyone with a mysterious appetite. We have stories and poems that will shock you, scare you, and uplift you. They'll make you laugh, cry, and check the back of your truck before driving off.

In our debut issue we will have short stories by Kevin R. Tipple, Kimberly Brown, Stephen D. Rogers, Earl Staggs, Tim Matson, Christine A. Verstraete, Winona B. Cross, Fran Zafiro, John M. Floyd, JMM Holloway and Carol Kilgore.

JT Ellison, Sandra Seaman, Gary R. Hoffman, Herschel Cozine, Tonya “Katt” Dunsmore, Kate Thornton and Barry Ergang have contributed flash fiction.

We have poetry by Stephen D. Rogers, Gerald So and Barry Ergang.

In addition to great stories and poems, we have book reviews and a column by veteran reviewer and MFOB Assistant Editor Kevin R. Tipple. Known for his candor, Kevin writes reviews that are detailed and informative. If he says a book is good, you can bet your money it is. It's always wise to read his reviews before committing yourself to the purchase of a book. In the debut issue of MFOB, read what he has to say about the following novels:

Memory of a Murder by Earl Staggs, The Case of the Greedy Lawyers by Carl Brookins, The Rogue's Game by Milton T. Burton, The Jury Master: A Novel by Robert Dugoni and In Plain Sight by C. J. Box

In his column titled "Target Shooting", Kevin targets the review business and he aims to demystify the process of seeking reviewers. In his first segment called "Getting to Know Your Reviewer", he shoots straight to the point and provides useful information about selecting the right reviewer for your book. His advice will save time and money for us writers who have little of both.

This Autumn Issue will also introduce a quarterly column called "Writing Techniques for Winners" by award-winning writer Dorothy Francis. In her opening segment, Dorothy provides the steps to "Writing a Winning Beginning". It's advice that writers of all levels will find useful.

And finally, I'm proud to announce that I had the privilege of interviewing my favorite short mystery writer, John M. Floyd. Since I have such a huge amount of respect for John, it was only fitting that I request an interview with him for the debut issue of MFOB. I was honored when he agreed to do it. In the interview, and among many other things, he talks about what inspired him to begin writing, how he got his first story published, and he describes a typical day in his life. We also talked about his new book called Rainbow's End, which is due out in October through Dogwood Press.

Writers can check out our submission guidelines at

I hope y'all will check us out in September and I'd appreciate everyone spreading the word and helping to get as much exposure as possible for these great writers who contributed their stories.

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