A Review by Andrea Maloney

Christine Chamberlain likes her job but hates her boss. All she ever wanted was a steady job she enjoys, a baby and a Field's Medal in mathematics, her passion. On a particularly bad day she complains to her coworkers and they joke about killing the boss to solve all their problems. The next day her boss is found dead…poisoned by fennel oil and Christine finds herself at the top of the suspect list since the fennel oil came from her desk. In a race against time, she refuses to miss her anticipated vacation to Greece with her beloved husband, she sets about to clear herself and find the true murderer.

Set in Pretoria, South Africa, Murder @ Work is a tightly plotted mystery with a terrific cast of characters and a unique setting. An interesting element in the telling of the story is that it is told thru the viewpoint of Christine plus the viewpoints of some of the other characters. Switching back and forth with the main arc of the story being told by Christine herself. This gives insight into the other character's lives that we might not have otherwise known. Crisp dialogue and an interesting look into life in South Africa add an additional layer of interest to this intriguing mystery.


Andrea Maloney is a stay at home mom and jewelry designer who loves to read. Her favorite books are mysteries, suspense and thrillers. She live in Massachusetts with my husband, two daughters and one large cat.

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