A Review by Sandra Ruttan

On February 3, 2006 author John Rickards launched the Mystery Circus. When I asked John to explain what the Mystery Circus is and why he did it he said, “It's an attempt at a kind of central hub/community for all that's cool in crime fiction. Pointers to what's good and what's interesting, with a creator-led community behind it. Which sounds very high and mighty, but basically means a forum with a high proportion of writers as opposed to readers and a good signal-to-noise ratio.”

The Mystery Circus has quickly become a busy hub of communication, primarily between mystery authors, but readers and aspiring authors are encouraged to participate as well. The topics cover a broad range of subjects, from the not-so-serious “Fuck” thread to the discussion about what it means to “rise above the genre” and the participants include well-known American and British authors, as well as a number of new authors with books coming out this year and next year.

In addition to being an active forum, Mystery Circus features a home page that has a number of articles on it discussing writing and mystery-related topics. You can check out Mystery Circus by visiting: http://www.mysterycircus.com


Sandra Ruttan has just signed a deal for the release of her first novel, Suspicious Circumstances, in November 2006. A regular contributor to Spinetingler Magazine, her work can also be found in the May/June and July/August issues of CrimeSpree Magazine.

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