Important Updates For Spinetingler

PLEASE NOTE: As of September 1, 2007, Spinetingler is closed to submissions until October 21, 2007. Any stories submitted during this time will not be reviewed or considered. Please hold submissions until October 21. Thank you. Spinetingler was also closed to submissions from May 1 until June 30, 2007. Any submissions made during that time received an automated reply stating they could not be considered. - updated Sept. 1, 2007

PLEASE NOTE: Spinetingler is currently reviewing stories for the Winter Issue. No story will ever run without prior notification. If you have been waitng to hear regarding a submission made prior to May 1, 2007 or after June 30, 2007 it is still in consideration. - updated July 16, 2007

PLEASE NOTE: RE: PAYMENT for stories. Payment is not handled by the editor. Payments will be issued within one month of the release of the issue your story appeared in. Please note that our volunteer staff spend valuable time wading through emails, which keeps us from clearing our submissions as quickly as we'd like. We appreciate your patience. - updated July 16, 2007

External Press Releases For Readers and Writers

Search For The Next Great Crime Writer - November 1, 2007 ** Press releases posted at discretion of the publisher. Individual book releases and touring schedules will not be posted. Contests, special events, conference information and items the editorial team feel are of interest may be posted. Please do not send repeated queries requesting we post information.


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