By Sandra Ruttan

In the latest book from Rick Mofina, it seems that no matter how many times reporter Jason Wade cracks an exclusive he always ends up teetering on the edge of being fired. His boss is pushing him hard, and he’s been stuck on the worst shift imaginable, with the warning that if he misses anything he’s out of a job.

Jason’s situation at work is compounded by problems of a personal nature. Jason’s father, a recovering alcoholic, looks like he’s about to fall off the wagon, and he’s reaching out to his son for help. Jason’s job situation means he’s distracted, and has to hope his dad can hold on until he has time to help him through his problems.

When we last spent time with Jason in Every Fear, a potential romance with homicide detective Grace Garner was blossoming. When we catch up with them at the start of A Perfect Grave Jason has been left to figure out why Grace suddenly ended the relationship. The strain between them personally contributes to issues when a nun is murdered. Grace is working the case, Jason is working the story, and the tension between them builds to a boil.

In A Perfect Grave, Mofina tackles many questions. Is the dead nun a sinner or saint? What does her murder have to do with the abduction of a young boy? And what does it have to do with Jason Wade’s father, and the reason he’s fighting to urge to pick up a drink?

Mofina has woven an intriguing tale about how the past always catches up to you, sooner or later. He does an excellent job of bringing a sense of closure to some of the lingering issues in Jason Wade’s life. I think one of the strengths of the story is that the omnipresent pressures on Jason elevate the tension. For fans of the series this is a must-read, and those new to Mofina will not find themselves lost. He carefully incorporates just enough information so that the reader can fully appreciate the story, even if they haven’t read the previous Jason Wade books, and does a wonderful job of creating suspense. Enough surprises to keep you turning the pages, and a sense of closure at the end that may suggest the series is going on hiatus for a while.


Sandra Ruttan’s debut suspense novel, Suspicious Circumstances, was released in January, 2007. For more information about Sandra visit her website

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