Letter from the Publisher

What makes you want to read a book?

For me, it’s the first paragraph test. I open the book to the first page and read the first one or two paragraphs. If I am not interested enough to finish the page, I put the book down.

My thinking is simple: The first few pages are usually the most edited in the whole book, so why expect page 45 or 214 to be exceptional if the first few are not that interesting?

Here are four examples that I found that really show this point. These are also the next four books I am going to read:

“The street was dark as they entered the boarded-up building: scuffy wee shites in their tatty jeans and hooded tops. Three men and two women, nearly identical with their long hair, pierced ears, pierced noses and pierced God knew what else. Everything about them screamed ‘Kill me!’

He smiled. They would be screaming soon enough.”

- DYING LIGHT by Stuart MacBride

“I learnt this in prison. Compulsive is when you do something repetitively. Obsessive is when you think about something repetitively.

‘Course I learnt some other stuff too. Not as clear cut. Not as defined.”


“Another hot day in July. That was four in a row. Pretty good for Scotland.

Not so good for the corpse in the boot.”

- HARD MAN by Allan Guthrie (Available April 2007)

“There are people who can be happy anywhere. I am not one of them.

When the house on the next street went up in flames for the second night in a row, I wondered again what the hell I was doing in Syracuse.”

- A FIELD OF DARKNESS by Cornelia Reed

The biggest problem I have right now is deciding which one to start with.

K. Robert Einarson

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