Review by Tracy Sharp

“Murder is like real estate. The key to it all is location, location, location.” So says defense attorney Stuart Clay, who is assigned to defend a delusional homeless man who is found wearing the shoes of a decapitated murder victim.

The fun begins in this hardboiled tale when Clay and his sexy investigator, Cyndi Oh, take it to the streets to interview anyone who might have information about what happened the night of the murder. One interview leads to another, taking them to the dark underbelly of the city and to a variety of shady characters within. Each clue leaves more unanswered questions, leading Stuart and Cyndi deeper into the shadows and further into danger.

Hyde has crafted one hell of a story. The plotting is superb. The characters are colorful and well developed. He isn’t afraid to hurt or kill a loved character for the sake of the story. His style is classic noir, and is so engaging that readers will have serious trouble putting it down. Natural, realistic, and perfectly timed, Hyde has a gift for writing dialogue. He expertly lulls into feeling comfortable with witty banter, then sends us reeling with scenes so scary that our heads are spinning.

There isn’t a dull moment in this clever, perfectly paced thriller. Hyde’s The Only Pure Thing is filled with twists, high tension, and has a surprise ending which will leave the reader stunned.

He’s good. And he makes it look easy.

Readers will love this breakneck mystery/thriller. Do not miss this one.


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