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April 2, 2010

Spinetingler no longer runs ads of any kind on the site.

Author Promo Opportunities
Spinetingler runs articles by authors as a way of helping them raise profile in conjunction with a book release. The topics range from wild and crazy to serious considerations about reading and writing. If you are interested in having a blog tour contribution or an article appear at Spinetingler, the article, any graphics for the post (author photo, book cover jpg), and an author bio should be sent to spinetinglermag @ gmail dot com with the subject line Author Promo.

We usually run the articles in the order we receive them, so if your article comes in and there are three weeks of articles ahead of it, it’ll be four weeks before it runs. If there’s nobody ahead of it, it will run within a few days. If you want to schedule something for a specific date, contact Spinetingler Magazine to make arrangements.

Submitting Review Copies
Email us at spinetinglermag @ gmail dot com for our mailing address. You do not need to query for every book you wish to send; however, we can not guarantee that we will run a review of every book we receive a review copy for, and regret that we cannot respond to queries about whether we will run a review or when it will run.

Please note that books received may be reviewed for BSC Review, Spinetingler or both sites. Selected ARCS may also be reviewed by Brian Lindenmuth or Sandra Ruttan for Crimespree Magazine. However, we cannot guarantee all books received will be reviewed. Due to the volume of books offered for review we cannot promise to engage in correspondence about the status of a book and whether or not a review is forthcoming.

Moving Spinetingler Magazine to this format allows for some discussion of reviews. As always, we will print a correction if a factual error has been made. That means if a reviewer says your book is about a giant marshmallow man who is trying to take over the world when it’s actually about someone who goes back in time to stop Noah from building the Ark, thus intending to destroy mankind, we’ll print a correction.

If the reviewer feels the plot drags or is predictable, authors will be able to express their thoughts in the discussion forum. A reviewer’s opinion is just that, their opinion, and we would discourage authors from engaging in an aggressive exchange aimed at forcing the reviewer to change their views. If you only wish to receive positive reviews, please make sure you send your books to reviewers who love the type of book you write.

Award Consideration
All books we receive review copies for are automatically considered for the annual Spinetingler Awards.

If we do not receive a review copy, the book may not be considered. It would then be solely dependent upon the independent reading and purchasing of site reviewers and whether they read a title they felt should be considered.

To ensure your book is considered, make sure we receive a review copy.

Sandra Ruttan

Sandra Ruttan is the bestselling author of SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, HARVEST OF RUINS and The Nolan, Hart & Tain series. For more information, visit her website:

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