Friday, March 31

The Cellini Masterpiece by Raymond John

Review by Andrea Maloney

Graduate student Stef Olson discovers a drawing by Benvenutu Cellini for an unknown work.  The patron's name is on the drawing and Stef goes to Malta to contact the descendent of the patron. While there he is kidnapped and tortured.  Stef's brother Rick comes to the rescue and is immediately involved in a deadly game involving his brother's kidnappers, the patron and an international terrorist while aided by a beautiful Maltese woman. In a race against time he works to rescue his brother, crack a code hidden in Cellini's work and stop an international terrorist.

Raymond John's book is a well researched thriller with wonderful details showing a great love for Malta. However the dialogue was rather awkward and the two main characters sometimes acted like two year olds. The book reads slow and would have benefited from some more editing to pick up the pace.  But the plot was intriguing and the descriptive detail of Malta was fascinating.


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