Friday, March 24

A Clean Kill by Leslie Glass

Review by Gloria Feit

In the latest book in her excellent April Woo series, Nancy Glass takes us to the newest case being investigated by the recently promoted/recently married  NYPD homicide detective, Lieutenant April Woo Sanchez, now Commanding Officer of the Midtown North Detective Unit.  She and her husband, Capt. Mike Sanchez, are scheduled to take a belated honeymoon cruise at the end of the week, but the murder of an East Side woman, the mother of two small children and wife of a renowned chef, threatens to interfere with those plans.  Hard upon the heels of that murder, another young wife/mother, and close friend of the first woman, is killed.  Similarities between the two crimes include the fact that their nannies were close friends, both coming from the same agency; both women shared the same personal trainer [in more ways than one]; and both crime scenes were meticulously cleaned after the brutal murders.  There is fear that there is a serial killer on the loose, and a great deal of pressure  to find him/her.  The nannies come under scrutiny [as one of the women tells April, They hate us. They wear our clothes. They steal our things. If they can get our husbands, they'll steal them too.] and the husbands come under suspicion as well.

The book is briskly paced and the police procedural aspects interestingly described.  Ms. Glass keeps the suspense growing.  This is another good entry in the series, and it is recommended.


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