Friday, March 10

Dangerous Undertaking by Mark de Castrique

Review by Andrea Maloney

Barry Clayton is an ex. cop turned undertaker since his father is no longer able to run the business. At a graveside service for an elderly woman, her grandson strides in like Clint Eastwood complete with duster, rips out a shotgun and murder's his entire family. I read this book with great anticipation since the I found the description of the story intriquing and I wasn't disappointed. The author writes convincingly about the Applachian mountains and it's people, alzheimer's and the effects on a family while involving us in a compelling mystery. Along the way there are some twists and turns and a surprise at the end that I did not anticipate. I fully recommend this mystery for it's great character's and the ability of the author to transport us into the Applachian mountains and community.


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