Friday, March 10

Dead Run by P. J. Tracy

Review by Andrea Maloney

The third outing for the Monkeewrench crew finds Grace, Annie and Sharon (Wisconsin deputy from the first book, now on loan to the FBI) traveling from Minneapolis to Green Bay, Wisconsin to help out with a string of serial killings. Along the way their car breaks down and they find themselves trapped in a town where everyone has vanished and a group of soldiers are making sure that no one gets out of the town alive.

Another first rate addition from P.J. Tracy in the Monkeewrench series. Again filled with the likeable characters from the previous books, a rich plot and subtle humor which adds a fine frosting to this fine mystery.  The characters are what really draws you into the Monkeewrench mysteries, they are nicely developed and you can't help but love them. It feels as if they are good friends you are reading about not just characters in a book.


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