Friday, March 31

The Fallen by T. Jefferson Parker

Review by Andrea Maloney

Homicide Detective Robbie Brownlaw was thrown from a building three years ago and ended up with synethesia, a neurological condition where your senses get mixed up.  Now when people talk to him he can see their voices as colored shapes triggered by their emotions. This is a great help to him when working on cases because he can now tell when suspects are lying.  He is now assigned to the murder of Garrett Asplundh who was shot in his car under a San Diego bridge.  Asplundh was an investigator for the San Diego Ethics Authority Enforcement Unit who had recently uncovered widespread corruption in San Diego which would make for plenty of enemies in the local government and police force. But was Asplundh's death an execution to keep him from revealing what he knew or was it personal?

T. Jefferson Parker has written a suspenseful mystery with a very intriguing character in Robbie Brownlaw. His synethesia is a terrific edition to the detective's bag of tricks but not overdone. Parker includes a wonderful cast of supporting characters, crisp dialogue and a plot that moves right along and holds your interest until the very end. A very enjoyable read that I highly recommend.


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