Friday, March 10

Five for Silver by Mary Reed & Eric Mayer

Review by Andrea Maloney

The year is 542. Peter, John the Lord Chamberlain's elderly servant, claims a heavenly visitor revealed a murder to him. It transpires that Peter's old army friend has indeed been stabbed, but then John discovers that Gregory was not what he appeared to be. Is the solution to the mystery to be found in a hidden identity, in the will made by a dying ship owner with a wayward son, or perhaps even amid the oracles in a merchant's garden.

Five for Silver is set in Constantinope against the backdrop of the plague. It is an extemely well written mystery with loads of terrific historical detail and well developed characters you come to care about. The details on the plague will give you the chills just imagining what it must have been like to live thru it. An elaborately plotted mystery that will leave you guessing, speculating and trying to solve it until the very end. Just when you think you have finally figured it haven't! A must read mystery that will send you scrambling for the first four in this dynamite series.


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