Friday, March 31

A Hoe Lot of Trouble by Heather Webber

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Nina Quinn has a landscaping firm called Taken By Surprise.  They specialize in surprise garden makeovers.

She thought she had the perfect life until she found lipstick on her husband's boxers.  Kevin is a police detective.  He admitted he is cheating on her.  She has kicked him out, but her teenaged stepson Riley has remained.  He's making life difficult for her. 

Plus gardening tools are ending up missing every day.  Who is stealing them and why?  Could it be one of the ex-cons she employs?   

To top it off her gardening mentor is found murdered.  What has happened to her quiet idyllic life? 

Can Nina get to the bottom of everything while still dealing with Riley and Kevin?  And can she find the murderer and the thief without putting herself in danger? 

I really enjoyed this book.  I can't wait to read more of Nina's adventures.  This book is a quick, easy cozy to read.  The story is paced well and keeps you wanting to turn the page and find out what happened.  I highly recommend this book.


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