Monday, March 27

Mercy Falls by William Kent Krueger

Review by Andrea Maloney

Sheriff Cork O'Connor answers a domestic disturbance call with his deputy Marsha Dross. When they arrive they find the occupants of the house gone and their dogs dead.  Someone takes a shot at them and wounds Deputy Dross. An investigation into the incident reveals that the shot was meant for Sheriff O'Connor.  At the same time an unpopular Chicago businessman, Eddie Jacoby,  in town negotiating a contract between his management firm and the local Indian casino is murdered and Cork must deal with this high profile murder while looking into the shooting that injured Deputy Dross. Into this mix comes a beautiful private investigator with eyes for Cork and the victim's brother who used the be Cork's wife's lover and you end up with a story  with more twists and turns than a roller coaster. Cork is a terrific and likeable person and is surround by an interesting supporting cast of characters. With Krueger's writing you get a terrific sense for the beauty of Minnesota. A deft plot wonderfully weaves together the two stories with an ending that will definitely leave you wanting more from this talented writer.


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