Friday, March 31

Murder, She Wrote Majoring in Murder by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Jessica is teaching a semester course on writing mysteries at a small college in Indiana.  Jessica is caught off guard when a tornado hits the college and almost doesn't make it to shelter in time.  While many buildings have extensive damage, there are very few injuries.  Until they discover the head of the English department dead in the rubble. 

Everyone believes the storm killed him, but Jessica feels there is more to the story.  She attempts to look into things but the police are determined it was natural causes and throw up roadblocks to stop her.  She pushes so hard she ends up in jail.  Thankfully the judge is a fan, and she doesn't have to stay long.

Jessica and a student who helps her retrieve the murder weapon from the rubble.  Knowing the way the police feel about the death, she gets the Cabot Cove police department to help get the weapon to the lab.

Jessica presses on to uncover the truth.  In the meantime she uncovers another mystery and solves it too.

I love this series and really enjoyed this one.  The college setting really lent itself to this story.  I normally don't like when Jessica is traveling as I miss the hometown characters.  This time they make small appearances via phone and help with the investigation in small ways so that I didn't feel they were left out.

I highly recommend this book.


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