Friday, March 31

Patterns in Silicon by Maureen Robb

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Lea Sherwood opened Panache, a restaurant, in San Francisco recently.  Her ex-boyfriend Keith Whitten decides to come to dinner there with a couple of his executives.  Just that day his company Whitten Systems Corp. had taken over Decision Ace, a company run by her current boyfriend Paul Boyd.   

During dinner Keith is poisoned and dies.  Since Lea served him, she becomes a prime suspect.  Lea is determined to uncover the real killer to salvage the reputation of her restaurant and herself. 

Due to the bad publicity, reservations to her restaurant are canceled daily.  This just fuels her desire to uncover the truth.  Can she do so without putting herself or her restaurant in harm's way? 

I really enjoyed this novel.  Lea is a fun character.  You can tell the author has real knowledge of the restaurant world, as well as technology.  This is an interesting mix and is blended together expertly in this book. 

I like the setting of San Francisco for the book.  It really adds to the ambiance.  Having it set in a restaurant makes it yummy as well! 

I highly recommend this book.


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