Tuesday, March 21

The Price of Silence by Kate Wilhelm

Review by Andrea Maloney

Brindle, Oregon is a dying town but in spite of this Ruth Ann Colonna, who has run the town's newspaper for almost sixty years, wants to put out a special centennial edition of The Brindle Times with photos, letters and newspaper articles about the inhabitants back to the founding fathers. Todd Fielding needs a job and is offered a job at The Brindle Times utilizing her computer expertise.  It seems like the perfect job opportunity for her since she and her husband, Barney, desperately need the money. Soon after their arrival in Brindle a young girl disappears and no one in the town seems concerned…another runaway they say.  But looking back into the past history of Brindle Todd finds that five other very similar girls have "run away" and no one is interested in finding them. When Todd starts to try to find out the truth about the "run away" girls she finds resistance on the part of the townspeople and murder. But in spite of the silence of the town the past has a way of making itself felt.

Kate Wilhelm has written a masterful psychological thriller with just a touch of the supernatural. Terrific character development shows a small town that would rather deny that anything is wrong rather than admit they might have a monster living in their midst and that all is not right in their town. Tightly plotted, intriguing and spooky, The Price of Silence is a book that will keep you up late into the night until you finish this story of a town that is paying the deadly price of silence.


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