Friday, March 10

Relative Danger by Charles Benoit

Review by Andrea Maloney

Relative Danger by Charles Benoit starts in 1948 Singapore with the murder of Russell Pearce. In present day Pennsylvania Doug Pearce has always been fascinated with stories of his Uncle Russ the black sheep of the family. A letter from an old friend of his uncle's arrives with an offer he can't refuse. A chance to solve the murder of Russel Pearce and recover a legendary red diamond. Doug agrees to play detective for how bad could it be? Follow Doug as he jets from Morocco to Egypt to Singapore following a trail left years ago by his uncle and his uncle's killer.

Relative Danger envelopes you in it's story. I was sorry to find out "who done it' because the whole journey to arrive at the denouement was so well written that I didn't want it to end. Relative Danger is a lively read with a likeable hero, exotic locations, fascinating characters and non stop action. Put this all together and you have a can't put down must read mystery! I can't wait to read Charles Benoit's next book.


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