Friday, March 31

A Shot to Die For by Libby Fischer Hellman

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Ellie Foreman is a documentary filmmaker.  She stops at a rest stop on her way home from scouting shoot locations.  She overhears a distressing phone call and engages in conversation with the woman.  Before Ellie realizes it, the woman, Daria, is shot in a drive-by sniper shooting. 

Since Ellie was the last person to speak to her, the police talk to her at length.  Then Daria's mother and sister visit asking Ellie for any information she has as to why Daria was shot.  They ask her assistance in finding out more. 

When Ellie does a little digging, she finds a murder from thirty years ago and wonders what the connection might be.  She also meets Luke Sutton.   Ellie finds herself attracted to him, but she is concerned because he seems to be very involved in these murders.  She works harder to uncover the truth, hoping to clear Luke in the process.   

I had never read any books in this series.  I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading others.  Ellie is a very likeable character.  The setting is well written and inviting.  I found this to be a book you kept wanting to read to find out who did it and why.  I highly recommend this book.


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