Friday, March 10

Six for Gold by Mary Reed & Eric Mayer

Review by Andrea Maloney

Another terrific installment in the John the Eunuch series. Accused of murdering a senator , John is saved from torture and execution by being banished by Emperor Justinian.  Justinian sends him to Egypt to solve the mystery of why sheep in an Egyptian village are slitting their own throats. John finds the local landowner locked in battle with a magician who both want control of the land and the mysterious maze/shrine that is on it.  And back in Constantinople John's friends and family desperately try to prove his innocence.

A fascinating look into the historical time of Emperor Justinian, a time of plague and the conflict between the Christians and pagans.  Loaded with wonderful historic detail and a terrific mystery. John is a likeable hero and the supporting characters are quirky and wonderful.  Historical mystery lovers will want to be sure to read all the books in this series as will everyone else. It's well written, with great characters, a lively mystery and lots of well researched historical detail.


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