Friday, March 10

Spiked by Mark Arsenault

Review by Andrea Maloney

Eddie Bourque, a reporter for the Lowell Empire in Massachusetts, finds himself involved in a mystery that for him is personal...Eddie's beat partner has been found dead in a mill canal. Blocked at every step of the way Eddie is determined to find his partner's killer. Eddie struggles to stay ahead of ruthless hitmen, the city's power elite and the curious police detective who always shows up when Eddie wishes she wouldn't. I found the story a little slow in the begining but towards the second half it really picked up the pace and I found myself liking Eddie Bourque and waiting with baited breath for the solution to this involved mystery. Mark Arsenault really knows his stuff about the inside world of the newspaper business and local politics and conveys this with great writing, interesting characters and a great story. And wait until you meet General VonKatz...he's quite the character!


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