Friday, March 10

Spurred Ambition by Twist Phelan

Review by Andrea Maloney

Business attorney Hannah Dain finds herself in the middle of an anti-Indian protest, a kidnapping and complex securities fraud.  All the while trying to deal with a shocking family revelation and her relationship with her boyfriend.

If you are looking for a little adventure this mystery has it in spades. Twist Phelan has written a complex mystery filled with lots of twists and turns. Her heroine, Hannah Dain,  is a likeable, adventurous woman who has her fill of problems both family and business related. From the very beginning when Hannah finds herself in the middle of an anti-Indian protest until the end you will find yourself unable to put down the book until you finally make it to the dramatic ending.  And now I'm off to find the first book in this wonderful series so I can catch up on the adventures of Hannah Dain.


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