Thursday, March 9

Thrilled to Death by Jennifer Apodaca

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Samantha’s grandfather, Barney, is under suspicion of hiring a hit man to try to kill magician spoiler Shane. Samantha owns and runs Heart Mates dating service, but she also works part-time as a PI under her ex-cop PI boyfriend, Gabe. Samantha is hired by Nikki and her grandmother to find out which magician Shane plans to expose in his upcoming show that will be televised.

Plus Sam and Gabe are deep in renovations. They are putting their two businesses under one roof. Gabe’s brother Cal shows up and helps with renovations, but Sam is sure there is another reason Cal is in town, even though the guys won’t admit it.

Amidst everything else going on, Lola appears at Heart Mates. Blaine, Samantha’s assistant, cannot stand her. Sam has to keep the two of them apart as well as figure out what is going on there while trying to keep her grandfather out of jail and figure out who did kill Shane.

Sam is a great character. She is an ex-soccer mom, but she no longer sits on the sidelines. In this book she is trying to decide whether she wants to continue learning to be a PI. Plus, where does Gabe fit in her life?

Shane’s death is difficult for her to solve as all the suspects are friends of hers. Can she uncover the truth without hurting the ones she loves?

I like this series a lot. The interaction between Gabe and Sam is great. Her family is well written and interspersed throughout the mystery.

I highly recommend this book.


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