Friday, March 10

Wedding's Widow by Alex Matthews

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Cassidy McCabe is a psychotherapist in Oak Park, outside of Chicago.  Cassidy has been treating Claire Linden through the divorce of her abusive ex-husband.  Now Claire is finally remarrying and Cassidy and her husband Zach, a reporter, are attending the wedding. 

At the outdoor wedding, Max O'Connell, the groom, is shot before the vows can be completed.  Claire is devastated.  She asks Cassidy and Zach to help find out who killed Max.  Her ex-husband is a prime suspect, but she doesn't believe he did it.  Cassidy and Zach have helped solve a few crimes before, so they accept. 

As they start uncovering Max's past, they find things were not quite as they seemed.  He was deeply in debt and suspects begin to start stacking up.  Can Cassidy and Zach sort through the suspects and find the killer?  Cassidy is being followed and threatened quite regularly.  She refuses to give up the investigation.  Can Zach keep her safe? 

I had never read anything by this author before.  I really enjoyed this book.  I found myself continuously picking it back up to read another chapter to figure out who did it.  I thought the abundance of suspects was well written.  I did not figure out who did it before the killer was unmasked. 

I like Cassidy and Zach.  They are well written and their interaction is great.  Just enough strife to make it interesting, but yet not so much that I got frustrated with them. 

I highly recommend this book and can't wait to read another!


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