Monday, March 13

Without Mercy by Jack Higgins

Review by Andrea Maloney

Picking up where Higgins' Dark Justice left off, Sean Dillon and colleagues seek revenge on the Russian agents responsible for murdering their colleague. The Russians themselves, however, are not too happy with Dillon for killing their man, billionaire and former KGB official Josef Belov. With the death of Belov, Russia's prospects for a steady flow of oil out of Iraq are threatened; so the Kremlin institutes a new plot to gain control of Belovs' company and get rid of Dillon and team.

When I started reading this book I though it must be a farce or parody.  The characters have no character, they are one dimensional, flat, stereotypical characters. The dialogue is painful and the plot is plotless. And how these people can function after constantly drinking gallons of alcohol is beyond me. I cringed while reading it. I only finished it because I kept hoping it would get better…it didn't.  If you want to read a good thriller read one of Higgins' early books because this one just doesn't have it.


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