Wednesday, April 5

Artrage by Everett Aison

Review by Andrea Maloney

Mace Caslon seemed to have it all.  He had been a brilliant student with a full scholarship to Williams College, graduated top fifth from Yale Law School and now he's a full partner in one of the most respected law firms on Wall Street and a serious collector of contemporary art. Yet one day he walks into the Metropolitan Museum of Art and throws acid on Universal Woman, a Picasso painting which just sold for forty-one million dollars. The question is why?  This is something everyone wants to know.  His act puts him in the middle of a media crazed frenzy. Everyone has something to say including television personalities, artists, museum officials, collectors, dealers, lawyers, a U.S. attorney looking to enter the Senate, psychiatrists, ex-lovers and anti-art demonstrators.  Everyone wants their time in the spotlight…everyone wants to know why.

Artrage is not a mystery of who-done-it but why-done-it. Thru an in depth character study Aison takes a close look at our society and it's fascination with so called "celebrities" and their fifteen minutes of fame. He lampoons the art world, art connoisseurs, the media and our society's remote control personality which cause us to latch onto whoever is in the spotlight at the moment and forget about it seconds later when the next "celebrity" comes along.  Aison has created a fascinating novel filled with interesting characters and a thought provoking storyline that will leave you thinking about it long after you finish reading it.


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