Monday, April 17

Blue Valor by Illona House

Review by Pat Brown

This is the second in the Kay Delaney series. Delaney and her partner, Daniel Finnerty are Baltimore Homicide Detectives who work the mean streets of the Southwestern Division.

I tell you, there are some scenes in this book that will have your hair standing on end. I only read it during the day. I don't  think I'd want to face the nightmare creature that would haunt my sleep if I read it in bed. This guy's a nasty piece of work and sometimes you can taste the helplessness of the police to stop him.

She writes in intricate detail, outlining the police procedures and how the case affects the primary officers on it. A relationship between Kay Delaney and Daniel Finnerty continues here, and we get to see first hand just why cops find making a relationship work - even with another cop - so hard.

Sometimes you get a little too close to the twisted killer who starts out the book by cutting a teenage girl's heart and leaving it on the grounds of an elite private high school. And that's only the beginning. I always think one of the hardest things a writer attempts is to get into the mind of a killer. Especially a warped killer. Haus does it well. I'm reminded of Jeffrey Deaver's The Bone Collector. This is as good as anything Deaver has written. She kept me guessing to the end as to what was really going on. I definitely recommend this novel. I recommend both of them, Blue Mercy and Blue Valor. You can't go wrong with a Haus book.


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