Wednesday, April 26

The Cemetery Yew by Cynthia Riggs

Review by Dawn Dowdle

This wonderful book is set on Martha's Vineyard.  Victoria Trumbull is a 92-year-old police deputy.  The police chief is new to the island and knows that Victoria knows everyone and can be invaluable in an investigation. 

When a casket isn't where it's supposed to be in the cemetery, Victoria is the one to notice something wrong to help them locate it. 

Her friend Howland's cousin Dahlia is coming to the island.  She has cancer and will be getting treatments at the local hospital.  Victoria agrees to let Dahlia and her bird Bacchus rent a room until Howland can get his home presentable for Dahlia. 

Soon the hearse driver disappears, there is a string of suspicious deaths, as well as the coffin goes missing after it's dug up. 

Victoria begins to put the pieces together, but can she do so before the rest of the players are dead? 

I really enjoyed this book.  Victoria is such a wonderful character.  She may be old, but her mind is very sound.  I like that this book was told from her persepective. 

Martha's Vineyard is a favorite setting of mine.  I always feel like I'm on vacation when I read a book set there. 

I highly recommend this book and series.


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