Wednesday, April 5

Chain a Lamb Chop to the Bed by Denise Dietz

Review by Andrea Maloney

Ellie Bernstein, a group leader for Weight Winners, is invited by her boyfriend, Peter Miller a homicide detective, to go on a nice relaxing vacation to a dude ranch outside Aspen. There she will have a chance to meet Peter's sister along with his niece and nephews plus renew her friendship with renowned artist Garrett Halliday and his wife Heather. But before they leave on their vacation a man is killed and a painting of Garrett's is slashed with the face of the model taking the brunt of the damage.  The model in the picture bears a striking resemblance to Ellie.  Once they arrive at the ranch they find more murder and mayhem and suspects aplenty.  Ellie finds herself taking on the role of sleuth again with deadly results.

This book is full of delicious food references, romance, sexual innuendoes, humor and an intriguing mystery.  Ellie is an interesting and feisty heroine and the book is filled with a wide mix of characters. The plot had numerous twists and turns but the identity of who done it just didn't ring true for me. If you are a cozy mystery lover this is a book you will want to read but be sure to have some snacks handy because you will find yourself rather hungry when reading it's abundant descriptive food references.


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