Wednesday, April 26

Dead Days of Summer by Carolyn Hart

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Max Darling starts a new case helping a young woman look for her brother.  But when he doesn't come home, his wife Annie starts searching for him.  In her search, she encounters someone in his office in the dark.  Annie is certain something has gone wrong.  Max just doesn't disappear like that. 

When a young woman is found murdered in a cabin, Max becomes the number one suspect.  But he's still missing.   

Annie and her friends step up the search.  Finally he is found walking along a road and taken to the police station for questioning. 

Max doesn't remember much.  What he does remember isn't helpful.  He is arrested.  Annie decides she has to do something to help free Max.  There is too much circumstantial evidence against him.  But, can she get the information in time without putting herself in danger?   

I really enjoy this series.  I like series set in the south, and Broward's Rock, SC, is a great island setting.  It has been a while since I had gotten to read one of these.  I think that's part of the reason I had a little trouble getting into the beginning of the story.  Once it got going, I fully enjoyed it.  I liked the way Annie went undercover to help find the truth to free Max.  Having the help of all her friends really made the difference. 

Annie is such a likeable character.  I think the fact that she owns a mystery bookstore helps me like her a lot, too.  Max is a fun character.  The way he and Annie interact is wonderful.  This book really let us see the strength of all their friends and that was great. 

I highly recommend this book!


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