Wednesday, April 12

Enter Second Murderer by Alanna Knight

Review by Andrea Maloney

Enter Second Murderer is the first in the Detective Inspector Faro series. Detective Inspector Faro reopens the case of the Gruesome Convent Murders even though someone has already convicted and executed for the two murders.  The man who was executed denied he had killed the second woman and Faro believes the she was murdered by a different killer.  Faro delves into respectable Victorian era Edinburgh society to hunt down the second murderer and his list of suspects include a nun, an aristocratic hermit, a schoolboy and even one of his own colleagues.

Alanna Knight's novel is a wonderfully atmospheric period mystery which gives you insight into the Victorian era in Edinburgh.  Faro and his stepson Dr. Vincent Laurie are delightful characters and they along with a wonderful supporting cast are a joy to read about as they set about solving a mystery with lots of twists and turns. Terrific period detail and romantic entanglements just add depth to this terrific first mystery in the Detective Inspector Faro series.


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