Sunday, April 9

Fatlands by Sarah Dunant

Review by Andrea Maloney

Hannah Wolfe, private investigator,  is hired to chaperone teenage Mattie Shepard around London when her father is unable to get away from work. Complications arising from this assignment send Hannah off on a hunt for a brutal killer who may be hiding among a group of animal rights activists or inside a large corporation doing research on animals.

Sarah Dunant has written a well executed mystery while incorporating a dialogue about animal rights which doesn't detract from the mystery itself.  Hannah is a delightful character, very real, very caring and humorous. This novel takes a hard look at animal rights, the corporate world, the very unglamorous life of the private investigator and the thin line that at times can separate good from evil. The interaction between Hannah and Frank, her boss and mentor, is well done and the various characters who populate this book are well developed and make it an enjoyable read.


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