Sunday, April 9

For Whom the Minivan Rolls by Jeffrey Cohen

Review by Andrea Maloney

Aaron Tucker is a freelance reporter who writes mostly about electronics and an aspiring screenwriter who is also a stay at home dad. So he is rather surprised when the richest guy in town, Gary Beckwirth,  asks and practically demands, that Aaron look into the sudden disappearance of Gary's wife Madlyn. Aaron tries to refuse but when he is offered $1,000 to write up the story of Madlyn's disappearance for the local paper he just can't say no. So off he goes to find out what happened to Madlyn but finds himself frustrated at every turn when Gary and his son both prove unwilling to cooperate in the investigation. Aaron persists but the more he finds out the more bizarre and complicated it all becomes. Soon he is followed by a mysterious minivan, receives a threatening phone call and even Madlyn herself calls to tell him to stop the investigation. But Aaron with the help of his wife Abigail and his friend Jeff refuses to stop investigating and uncovers a trail of murder and betrayal.

This is Jeffrey Cohen's first book in the Aaron Tucker series and it's a great debut.  It's filled with crackling humor, crisp dialogue, in depth and likeable characters and a terrific plot. The trials and tribulations of being a stay at home dad are depicted with copious amounts of humor and realism. A terrific read from beginning to end. This appears to be the beginning of a great series and if you are looking for a light, humorous and well written mystery to read this is the book for you.


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