Wednesday, April 26

Murder in Alphabet City by Lee Harris

Review by Dawn Dowdle 

Eight years ago, Andrew Stratton starved to death.  That was the official cause of death of the cold case Jane Bauer, NYPD, and her two partners are assigned to investigate.  His prominent sister has gotten the brass to reopen the case.   

As they investigate and begin tracking down people in his past, they discover the suicide of his social worker.  Things don't add up and soon they discover it was murder.  They continue investigating and trying to discover what really happened to Andrew and his social worker.  And what were they involved in. 

I really enjoy this series by Lee Harris.  Jane Bauer is a great detective and I like the way she works and thinks.  Generally, I read more light mysteries (generally called cozies), but this is one police procedural that I always read.  The characters are well written and the stories are interesting.  There is enough police action but without all the gore of other authors. 

I highly recommend this book and series.


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