Monday, April 10

No Way Back by Rick Mofina

Review by Pat Brown

This is the 4th book featuring reporter Tom Reed of the San Francisco Star and they just keep getting better. In this taut and gut-wrenching novel Tom's wife Ann is taken hostage during a violent jewelry store heist during which a cop is killed.

Meanwhile Reed is on his way into work to hand in his resignation. He has a bad habit of getting too involved with his stories and it's threatening his marriage. But when the time comes he can't quite do it. Crime reporting is in his blood. He can't give that up. So when the squeal comes in about the heist, Reed is on it from the start.

Then his life turns topsy-turvy when he finds out that his wife was the woman taken by the 2 gunmen. He descends into a nightmare as more and more information comes out about the 2 ex-cons fleeing across the country with a terrified Ann in tow. Because these guys aren't ordinary stick up artists, one is a cold blooded sexual predator who kills for pleasure and the other is a man with a serious vendetta against Tom Reed.

There were times when the book was hard to read, it was so intense. What both Tom and Ann go through makes for some edge of the seat, can't put it down reading.

An interesting sub-plot involves another reporter who writes for a sleazy gossip rag who in many ways mirrors Tom when he's in pursuit of a story, but in this case Tom is the subject and how he handles the role reversal adds a nice layer to an already complex story.

I heartily recommend this book for any fans of top shelf thrillers. Heck, I recommend the whole series.


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