Friday, April 7

A Note RE: Reviews

There are links on the right side to all reviews by author name alphabetically, and by book title alphebetically under the reviewers name.

I've added pages here with all the review links for simplicity and am adding those links into the sidebar, so at the moment, you have to scroll down and use the links to get to the reviews.

The reason for this addition is simplicity for finding a review of a specific book by an author, or ability to read reviews by a particular reviewer you enjoy. Also, since more than one person will now be participating in updating the site, this is the best way to allow us both to have access to the code.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please email me at

**I have put on some Spinetingler reviews, also from our issues, just to bump these posts down. Sorry for the repeats - we expect to have a new batch of reviews in soon. Again, anyone is welcome to submit reviews for posting here. Our only restrictions are that the review isn't written by the author of the book, and that the review doesn't read like an attack on the author.



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