Tuesday, April 25

Red Hot Murder by Joanne Pence

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Angie and her fiancĂ© Paavo head to the Arizona desert to help out Paavo's friends.  Angie thinks it could be a great setting for their upcoming nuptials and Paavo is concerned because he knows that Dr. Griggs wouldn't be imagining things.   

When they arrive, Ned does not come to meet them.  This is not like him.  Paavo and Angie are staying at a local ranch.  They find out that the owner, Hal Edwards, was found dead in a cave not long before.  Turns out Dr. Griggs is the executor of Hal's estate.  Contrary to what others think, Dr. Griggs does not believe Hal's dead was an accident.  He and Paavo, a San Francisco homicide inspector, begin to investigate. 

The local sheriff, Merry Belle, likes her nice quiet town.  She doesn't want anything to upset that. 

Hal's ex-wife and son are in town awaiting distribution of his assets.  But, Hal's will has not been found. 

Angie gets pulled into the investigation against Paavo's best judgement.  Can they find Hal's killer and find out what is really going on without putting anyone else in danger? 

I really enjoy this series.  This was one of the best books in the series in my opinion.  I liked the setting a lot.  Arizona and the wild west feel of the setting really added to the story.  The characters are wonderful.  Angie and Paavo and the many local characters fit together very well.   

I highly recommend this book and series.


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