Monday, April 17

Shooting Elvis by Robert M. Eversz

Review by Andrea Maloney

Mary Alice Baker is a blond haired blue eyed American girl from a small town. She dresses up as Gretel at Hansel & Gretel's Baby Photo Studio and takes photographs of children to earn her living. Her family is dysfunctional and she wonders if that is all there is to life. Then her good for nothing boyfriend Wrex asks her to deliver a suitcase to LAX and she figures what the heck especially since he offers her two hundred dollars to do it. She gives the suitcase to the contact and in return receives another one to deliver to Wrex,  as she is leaving, LAX blows up and she realizes the suitcase she had been carrying contained a bomb. She goes on the run, dyes her hair black, pierces her nose and changes her name to Nina Zero.  After moving into the loft of  a painter and filmmaker in Hollywood she finds she's wanted by the FBI, two nasty thugs are after her, and her new roommates want to sell her out for their fifteen minutes of fame. But Mary Alice finds that she isn't just some sweet little girl next door. In her time on the run she finds she is a strong, independent woman who can take care of herself.

Shooting Elvis is a gritty, noirish novel full of fast paced action, a gripping storyline and a heroine who is fascinating, resilient and full of life. From the very beginning of the book you find yourself pulled into the strange and wonderful world of Nina Zero. If you love noir this book is for you.


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